View Full Version : Scope mounts with built in level?

12-23-2020, 09:28 PM
Wondering who all makes a good scope mount with a built in level? It will be 34mm and need to be 1.5 high and am looking for 20 moa. Thanks in advance

Camo tung
12-23-2020, 09:42 PM
Not technically what you're asking for but Vortex Optics offers a bubble level that mounts on the scope tube, providing lots of clearance.
Available in 1", 30 mm, 34 mm and 35 mm.

12-24-2020, 08:54 AM
Do some research on SPUHR mounts: they make the exact mount you are talking about... but it will be very expensive.

01-02-2021, 09:45 PM
I purchased a set of Elite Precision Rings from MDT.
34mm. 1.5 " high and has level inside.