View Full Version : BC Black Rifle Extravaganza! Non-Restricted Fun Shoot

02-10-2013, 11:07 PM
So I'd talked vaguely about a shoot in BC this spring: now I'm going to talk less vaguely about it.

Official events are TBD, but rest assured there will be a hike & shoot portion, and some standing-crouching-prone style service rifle stuff.

Dates: Unless anyone has any major objections: I'm suggesting the long weekend of Victoria Day in May as a good time to haul out there. I'll be there probably from the 16th or 17th till the 21st or so, and I'd like to run events at least for the Sat-Sun-Mon of the long weekend.

Location: Cranbrook area. Somewhat central. Ideas are welcome!

Rules: Non-restricted only. (sorry AR guys) This is going to be camping and hiking and all that good stuff. The guideline is "black rifles" but if you can hit steel at 100 yards we're not going to turn you away. But anyone with a Tavor, Swiss Arms, M14, Vz58, XCR, or any other gun you take pride in is definitely encouraged to come out. Bring lots of ammo. Personally I'll probably have ~500 rounds with me for the three days and I bet I shoot it all.

Why You Should Come: Its a good chance to put your camping gear and your rifle into use. Its fun to meet up with other shooters. I'll have some night vision stuff there for people to play with and I'm sure various other people will bring interesting things. Plus . . .

Prizes: There'll be some prizes based on either showing up or shooting straight. Depends on how many people and how many straight shooters there are. As of right now prizes will include:

- Some soft cloth gear from Tasmanian Tiger. Something between a $20 mag pouch and a $500 backpack. Maybe several somethings

- Some firearms accessories from Fab-Defense. I'm hoping this will be some Vz58 stuff and maybe some Ar15 stuff too.

- Kestrel wind meter of some kind. I'm hoping to secure a 4500 (the nicest one) as a give-away.

-Any other ideas? I've got a bunch of catalogs from Shot Show that need a home. The Magpul one is pretty much a coffee table book of gun porn!

That's all for now. If I could get a rough estimate of people who are in and those who might be interested, that would go a long ways.

This thread will be where I update news, rules and specifics for the Mountain shoot! Hope to see some of you there!

(We may not all be as fast as SteveJanes, but picture something like this)


02-12-2013, 09:51 AM
Holy, mag changes batman!

Probably not going to make this one, too bad. If you have one in AB let us know I'd be game for that.

02-12-2013, 10:03 AM
If it wasn't over the may long weekend, I'd come. Me and Mrs. JustBen have a camping trip planned that weekend, and while this sounds like more fun, I'm pretty sure I can't get out of the other plans.

02-12-2013, 11:13 AM
So maybe May-long isn't a good time for this one?

I'm also looking at a shoot down in Milk River Canyon in southern Alberta. I'd initially ballparked that for August, but we could feasibly flip this if we think BC would be more popular late summer?

I'm playing these all pretty loose to be honest :D