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05-12-2013, 10:13 PM
So about a month ago I start rummaging threw my stash spot were I keep all my impulse rifles that I buy then forget about.
So recently I decided, "Hey I better start cleaning out my locker". I come across a few M14 chu wood stocks that look more like a moldy old piece of bread and a few other old school shot guns but berried under the mountain of boxes I find this old rifle that I bought a few years back...
Norinco JW 105
Well the crappy cosmoline that they covered it with was like way to little butter spread over way too much toast. Needless to say this thing was completely starting to rust. But thank goodness that the bolt body and inner barrel was hard chromed. So I said hell time to refinish this crappy cracking dried up stock and hell why not Ceracoat it graphite black and see if this 5.56x45mm can shoot. So with a couple of zombie boxes of Hornady to kill the bad omen on this rig and plus since I got this brand new Redfield scope. Well hell lets se if it can shoot or is it a lemon???
Here is what she looks like.
https://fj0fpq.blu.livefilestore.com/y2pE1T3cZSNtkzTkocDLoeOqjVqpLpB179ZfAPlV72PsRd163K dELuhQDmfIBMi39lmEthUm6FGkQg3NQAJ-j00VDF8DDtgC5La1RMzW6LZdVCaMHMRZtcz7MErjgt74-80/IMG-20130511-00142.jpg?psid=1
Okay it's bore sighted but lets see what she shoot like at 100 meters:
WTF! That is a 5 hot group with the first one that I jerked the trigger on??? Naa that can't be right...
Can it be?
https://fj0fpq.blu.livefilestore.com/y2pa1vCQpky7OUMH7sAdNVy7RKQoVKRKZT2kzbZzPqxlBtE_CC dWq94wB-jEWhg4miWFuOMcEeo2QQB4lG-petF0MYE74hDsBd_YbX0URUhCSzSb7pU9oKaaJ8bB8qTZJoK/IMG-20130511-00145.jpg?psid=1
Well let's try to get it on target then.
https://fj0fpq.blu.livefilestore.com/y2p5D05YFe9o8IeDn_6lyy75P2jVXDb_FIkxpc0LjQ9J96RdQW eZfZjHxiFCqPndzbDa84BVmjJ_BC6bHn5BOXvFzF8FjoUbJ0Sl V9ucrSShhiSvI64bXtHJ0wL_cWCLsT8/IMG-20130511-00146.jpg?psid=1
No way. I got to be lying. Hell I didn't even bed it never mind doing a trigger job. I need a new target.
https://fj0fpq.blu.livefilestore.com/y2plgsVpGzIssA8ZTYEGhGU-FCBE9taBFWZWgC6iz1QBPZJ0JhUocc87FxcLcWzYcrqBPMbu5H 2a5mRN8Iz6nUjI3YfW5kyXwmNOC5zTVQQZHWGub0k1QOrgwmcc hV-q1DA/IMG-20130511-00143.jpg?psid=1
Holy moly besides me tryng to see if my come up's were real and the 2 flyers from the shotgun going off by my ear. This rifle shoot's like a hot dam!
What do you guy's think? should I even try to bed it? Or even bother to do a trigger job?

05-12-2013, 10:19 PM
how does the trigger feel?

05-12-2013, 10:21 PM
I think you should sell it to me:).

I'd leave it be, looks like a shooter! Although if you bed it with a trigger job....it's not like you have anything else to do:)

05-12-2013, 10:39 PM
how does the trigger feel?
A little on the heavy side I think.

I think you should sell it to me:).

I'd leave it be, looks like a shooter! Although if you bed it with a trigger job....it's not like you have anything else to do:)
Did you just :slap: me???

05-12-2013, 11:06 PM
Norinco can have some amazing shooters. I watched a guy do a grouping like that with a 1911 Commander from 20 yards or so.

But the real test is out past 100 yards. I've had more than a couple rifles shoot sub MOA at 100, but out to 200 they go everywhere with the same ammo. So take it to 200 but get ready to try various boxes :D