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Not to be too picky, but corn is actually classed in the grass family iirc. My buddy's cariologist says its not good for the heart...but what does he know...damned doctors take the fun out of everything. Lol.
Yes - the overall plant is a grass/grain, but the way the "fruit" develops is that of a berry. Bananas and pineapples too it seems.

Nature is weird.

Not that it matters as I no loner eat them... or anything else that raises my blood sugar enough to invoke an insulin spike. Makes me essentially T2 diabetes-proof (that 100% voluntary sh!t has killed too many in my family) so in that way I'm prepping for the future: Better health, substantially reduced risk of muscle atrophy during long periods of inactivity (tested this winter) and huge bank of all-day, every-day energy on little food (just need to keep hydrated and keep electrolytes up).

It also appears that Alzheimers is likely the result of chronic insulin resistance (also many heart issues) - so by avoiding the possibility of T2D, I also greatly reduce both of those families of killers.

For me it's one of the most important preps I can make for the future. If I get caught out somewhere with literally nothing, I can survive long enough to get / make stuff.