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    no tax on firewood, the heat is just a byproduct of waste removal

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    Next years firewood is now stacked and DONE. My vertical ham antenna radials are spread out. Emergency gasoline stash is full and in the shed. I covered up the log splitter power unit (the actual splitter end has a cover already) All of my outdoor, before winter, prep work is behind me for this year ! Bring on the frozen apocalypse !!!

    Edit...dang...I still have to put a tarp over the pile and secure it. Ok...after THAT all my outside work is done.
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    Today I installed an app on my phone that gamifies the learning of Morse Code (app is Morse Mania)... and im now running 90-some percent for the entire alphabet and numbers. Tomorrow i will rip through punctuation.

    Very slow copy, but I'm learning the characters at a wors speed of 20.

    Not bad for a day's work.

    Now if my iambic paddle and keyer kit would hurry up and get here so i can assemble it and start practicing sending

    Then to build a radio and throw up some wire.

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