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    Canada Ammo had several earlier this year, seem to only have the 45LC left but might be able to get more in

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    Quote Originally Posted by VancouverSkiBum View Post
    Anyone in Canada carry these? im seeing these guys and they ship to canada, but they are not rifled. looking for a .45 insert and possibly a 22. I seek your collective knowledge. ( Shortlane Arms ) has rifled and smooth bore adapters. I prefer the Pathfinder Series rifled adapters as they are longer and therefore reasonably accurate. These adapters are more accurate than a handgun but less accurate than a rifle. Therefore I think of them as more for survival gun types of uses when a more appropriate firearm and / or ammunition isn't available.

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    The thread was started in 2013. Still relevent though.
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    i still haven't gotten around to getting mine into the single shot midland i picked up last year. i do know that only goes in an inch or two and won't slide the rest of the way in. i had put it into a canuck shorty i had last year( pump action). it was funny enough as the shotgun barrel magnified the sound of the .22 enough to be worth a few laughs but getting the shell out sucked. i had to take the shotgun barrel off and then pull the .22 case out with a knife
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    I would like a 12ga to 45 Colt/454 casull, but, they are always out of stock when I find a maker. Anybody know if the Duncan guy makes them, if so will he do a custom?
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