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    Where's your go to place for supplies?

    I'm curious where you find your supplies for good prices?

    I've looked at the sponsors on GOC and CGN. Some carry the most popular stuff, or stuff for the most popular calibres. Not much available for 6.5mm bullets. I'm just trying to price stuff out but it looks like I should just go to cabelas or P&D here in Edmonton.

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    Budget shooter supplies, or SFRC for bullets, tools, ect.
    Local for powder & primers.
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    3,565's only a coupla hours away and has a reasonable selection...
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    I usually call Chris at Rouge River. I was using a lot of the S&B 124g bullets, and if he didn't have them, he got them in from North Sylva quickly.

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    I recently used Custom Reloading Services (BC), Hummason (Ont) and Higginson. All were class acts. Good luck

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