Just picked up the 930 Home Security an hour ago, so haven't shot it yet. Reading on various forums, they are really well liked with only the occasional complaint about not running with light loads.

The 590A1 is great but, running 3gun last weekend, geeze it's a tank. 8+1 is nice, but the WRAS league only allows 8 to start.

With the 930, I can for sure get 5+1+1 ghost loaded...some report being able to get 6 of 2 3/4" in the tube, we'll see. Reloading is by far NOT the weakest part of my game, so I won't be badly handicapped if I do start a round short.

The 930 definitely handles and points more quickly. I like the ghost ring sights on the 590 VERY well, we'll see how I take to the simple brass bead on the 930 - so far, just waving it around the living room, it's better than I thought it might be. I'm guessing the simplicity of the little bead is easy on my eyes, as opposed to 'center the front site in the ring, find the target, BOOM'.

The trigger of the 930 is mushier, but it's a shorter pull.