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    Jerry Miculek and the Tavor

    I find the reference about the trigger really hits it home for me!

    I have tried this rifle once and didn't really have concerns for the heavy trigger, I guess I can adapt to anything but I find it has been made a bigger deal than what it is and with the new trigger options coming out this gun is looking more and more attractive.

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    Likely the only thing that would stop me would b not being able to take the Canadian version into the US when I travel there. I have no idea why the Americans block our temporary imports for recreational use.

    Now with the new Geiselle drop in trigger, the most common complaint no longer applies. With a 9mm conversion I would use it for 3Gun and Steel Challenge.
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    Timney and Geiselle will make this rifle a game changer but...
    I still can't stand shoot this rifle as good as I can with a traditional style rifle. Guess it will take some time to get use to.

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    I like the Tavor, but I still find that mag changes are slow compared to the AR platform. It sure is an easy pointer though.
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    I had a Tavor and sold it because of the trigger. I believe that for the price you pay for one, it deserves a much better trigger than the stock one (and I say this even if I'm fully aware that it is a combat piece of kit and comes with a combat trigger - so for that, it is true to what it's made after, the select fire brother that is).

    If they would be sold new for $2,000 w/ a Timney or Geiselle trigger I'd be ready to purchase one again. $2,000 is a price point that gets you a higher-end AR (obviously the whole NR / R classification isn't factored in here).
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