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Thread: .22 Magnum fan

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    It's the tri rail that comes from factory with the trr-sr, lots don't like them so it wasn't hard to find one for sale. I thought it'd make my little gun a bit more unique.
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    Terrible bad idea to try dropping a deer with the .22WMR.
    A close range head shot at less then 50 yards only.
    I witnessed a lot of Inuit shooting wildlife with a the NWT.
    On small Peary caribou in the arctic hollow points break up on the hide, ribs and fat.
    Only solids penetrate deep enough I to the lungs and other vitals. The caribou runs sometimes for as much as 3-4 minutes. Here in Alberta you never will find your deer back. The 22WMR is a SMALL game round. It is possible to kill bigger animals. For every animal cleanly dropped there will be a couple running of , suffering needlessly just so someone could prove that it can be done.

    On groundhogs out in Ontario hollow points that broke the spine or blew up the head anchored the hogs .
    Chest shots that did not break the spine, caused the hog to go down the hole.
    I then moved up to the .22 hornet which anchored hogs with any chest shots.
    The 22 WMR shines with hollow points on raccoons, skunks, badgers, gophers.
    However anything the WMR does, the hornet does it a lot better.

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    I got the quad so I can switch back and forth from 17 HMR to 22 WMR, both fun to shoot.

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    obviously the hornet is better, its centerfire and a modern necked cartridge. Hell, the 22 Swift is even better than the hornet, but that's not what this thread is about. I do agree that hunting larger animals, tho possible is cruel with rimfires.

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