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    Quote Originally Posted by Big-Boss-Man View Post
    broke the floor at $2.12 for monday open, it will still be a good buy even if [better for us if it does really] it trends down for a few days I think, I doubt it will fall much past $1.70ish, i've heard rumors of a return to the 'gold standard' we will have a better idea on that after Wednesday.'s Sunday. Markets dont open for another 10 hours or so. ????? i'm confused.
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    For 2021, I get to dive into the 401K game for the first time, the choices are pre-selected but anything jump out? I have my list made but am interested in any insights from the gunny collective......

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    Whatever you pick, where possible, opt for funds that dont follow the "socially responsible investment" (SRI) trend. Ugh, that irks me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post's Sunday. Markets dont open for another 10 hours or so. ????? i'm confused.
    I said it in a weird way. It closed on Friday @$2.12 so it should open there on Monday morning, should but it didn't it opened @$2.19 apparently. it is now @2.22 and trending upwards for Wednesday open so we will see.

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    PGM was trading at over $100 a share when it first started trading in 2006 then dropped fast and was trading for under a dollar for over a decade before finally starting to slowly go up to over a dollar! definitely not a get rich quick stock!
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