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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMcC View Post
    Marstar is good for some things, and his warranty.

    Canadian Safety Source, or viking tactical is kinda like Nova Tactical. No effn idea how it stays in Business? Let alone, kept a outfitter store in business. Just sold some air soft gear. And had got a loan for a range.
    I think Marstar is fine, and johnone’s delivery was usually entertaining I thought.

    Maybe CSS/VT is more money laundering or income balancing against other business? Siphons off the profits from the money maker to reduce tax and justify expensive toys and build a range...

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    I purchased a SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace from Canadian Safety Source and can not be happier with the service. I emailed on a Saturday regarding a a question about ordering on the website ( couldn't empty carte and added x2 braces said order exceeds stock quantity). Received a response on Sunday. Dan asked me for the model #. Replied saying FDE was sold out but black was in stock.
    Ordered that night. Shipped that next Monday with tracking. Received a week later. Only people in Canada . If I ordered on Brownells or anywhere else in the Usa the price alone after exchange would have been the same as buying it locally plus you have export taxes tondelli with and importation time. If Canadian Safery Source has what you are looking for I strongly suggest buying Canadian and saving the headache.

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    Hmmmm.....first post , and you are bringing back a thread from the
    " Better To Fight For Something , Than Live For Nothing " ; " When In Doubt....ATTACK ".......Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    For the score keeping:

    Canadian Safety Source owned by Daniel Sawler (formerly Viking Police & Equipment) which started in Nov of 2014.

    Sucks and is not great as stated by several in this thread, some with very good reputation here, some relatively unknown

    At what frequency does necrothread revival just become regular posting? And conversely, when is a thread presumed dead?

    Let’s call Kiefer Sutherland, he might know...
    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMcC View Post
    Took over a month to get it. I'll won't do business again. The we get back to you in 24 hours is BS, you really need to hound them to get any communication from them. Only reason why I ordered was only Canadian company to have what I needed.

    Ordered from Freedom Ventures, I got the product 2 days later. That is how it suppose to be done.
    If we're keeping score:
    3.5 positive
    5 negative

    RobertMcc ratings included at this time... ��
    Positive reviews have more suspicious backgrounds than Negative On this site. Additional quantifier for potential buyers.

    Call Kiefer!

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    total shill thread imho

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