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    MP Rob Anders' Email.

    XXXXXX --

    Effective Thursday 10:00pm Chief Firearms Officers reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000-1,800 of firearms owned in the public.

    They aren't offering compensation and will be demanding that the firearms, which cost between $3,000-$4,000 be surrendered.

    XXXXX, you need to contact the Prime Minister's Office and the Public Safety Minister's Office to demand the elimination of Chief Firearms Officers across the country.


    The unjust confiscation of Firearms is an atrocious crime against the rights of law-abiding gun owners and Canadian citizens.

    The decision to prohibit and ultimately confiscate the Swiss Firearms came from the arbitrary powers granted to Chief Firearms Officers across the country. That's why we need to have all the Chief Firearms Officers eliminated and replaced with regulations that existed prior to the Liberal's Firearms Act.

    The decision was made by these bureaucrats, not the Conservative government. The Minister has already ordered an urgent review of this unfortunate decision. Tell him to do more.

    The Liberal's Firearms Act has never delivered on any of the promises of increased public safety and crime reduction. It was fiction from the start and was at a cost of billions of dollars to taxpayers.

    XXXXXX, the Firearms Act needs to be taken off the books and erased from Canadian Law.

    We need to demand the Prime Minister and the Public Safety Minister also make the following immediate changes to the Firearms Act:

    Decriminalize firearms possession by eliminating S. 91, and 92 of the Criminal Code.
    Extensively modify and eliminate prohibited and restricted classes, including rescinding of arbitrary clauses on barrel length and caliber that classify firearms, and regulations affecting magazines.
    Eliminate punitive safe storage and transport requirements.
    Eliminate Chief Firearms Officers and rescind F.A. Section 58.1
    Remove the administration of the Firearms Act from the control of the RCMP.

    Together, you and I can make sure private property is protected in this country and that no law-abiding gun owners become criminals.

    Yours Truly,

    Rob Anders - Calgary Signal Hill

    Rob Anders - Calgary Signal Hill ∑ Canada
    Good On you Rob

    Welcome to GOC, Site for honest, hardworking Canadians, that own firearms.

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    There are some good points in that letter that I'll make use of. Tks for posting.
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    Right on Rob. Only one of a few REAL Albertans in rottowa and deserving of our respect.

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