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    Never shot a gun? Lets get you shooting!

    Interested in getting into firearms but never fired a gun? Considering getting your license but would like to try it first?

    This thread is to see if there is anyone out there who is just getting into the sport and would like to go out shooting to see what it's all about with an experienced shooter. It's also for experienced shooters to volunteer their time to take out new shooters to help them get into the sport. I live in the greater vancouver area and will happily take out any forum members who are brand new and want to burn a little powder before they take their exams or decide to invest in the sport.

    I encourage other shooters to volunteer as well - post the area you live in if you're willing to give new shooters a chance to try out real guns before going further.

    So - if you're just browsing the forum and thinking about getting into shooting - lets hear from you and we'll see about finding a member in your area willing to let you give it a try. You pay the cost of the ammo and any range costs (which is usually pretty low or non existent) and we'll supply the hardware and supervision. If you've been sitting on the fence - here's your chance. Lets make some noise.

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    I'm in Red Deer. I'd love to help new shooters.

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    South Central Rural Alberta
    Calgary, PM me if your interested in a first range trip.

    Welcome to GOC, Site for honest, hardworking Canadians, that own firearms.

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    Chilliwack BC
    Chilliwack, BC; most Monday evenings I'm at the range.

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    Middle of Manitoba
    Portage to Carberry area of Manitoba, or more if need be.
    Please PM me, as I doubt I'll check this thread much.
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    Eastern Ontario -Madawaska Valley-I can help with club membership, direct you to training and let you try to hit some targets. PM me.

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    The Future Republic of Western Canada
    Calgary as well... I specialize in kids and run a youth program in K-country!

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    I'm in the Winnipeg area and if you want to give clay targets a whirl, let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R&R Rancher View Post
    I'm in the Winnipeg area and if you want to give clay targets a whirl, let me know.
    Ditto. Well, not so much the clays.... But we can probably make something happen with rifles, pistols or shotguns....maybe some old military rifles if you think that'd turn your crank.

    Great thread, been quiet for too long.
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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    A few miles east of a burgeoning mess.
    My concern is that the Range I use has a $20.00 day pass. Enough to make a newb hesitate.
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