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    1911 target sight availability?


    My new SAM Omega is shooting a good 3 inches high at 10m with my standard load. It also shoots high with factory ball.

    Seems to me the best solution might be to install an adjustable rear sight.

    The pistol has a Novak style rear and a dovetail front.

    Is there a good source in Canada for sights, or am I best to simply look at Brownells?

    I might look at a fibre optic front at the same time, but am unsure of height or proper dimension for the dovetail...

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    There is a 5-10% sale at optics planet right now.

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    I didn't realize they had so much stuff. I can't seem to find anything but night sights, though

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    Dlask & also Reliable Gun has some and also small parts like this I order direct from Brownells if I can't find them locally.

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