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    Do I mount the rings on the tube, or the rings on the base first?

    When mounting a scope, which option is most correct.

    #1. You mount and tighten the rings onto the scope first, and then mount the scope on the base.

    #2. You mount the ring bases on the scope base, then install and tighten the ring "uppers" on the scope.

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    Usually #2, you got to adjust scope position for the eye relief, and test out the shouldering the rifle before the rings can be tightened.
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    #2. you can't really do #1 and still mount things properly.
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    Mount the bottom half of the rings, then drop the scope on it, finally install the top half of the rings and tighten things up. That's how I was taught to do it anyway.

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    Just because I like to be difficult, mostly #2, with a bit of #1
    Assuming a Weaver-type set up...
    I put the rings on the base(s) not even finger tight.
    Lay the scope in the bottom, put the caps on loose, just there to stop the scope from falling off.
    Set eye relief, level cross hairs.
    Snug the front ring's cap, and push the whole affair forward to take up the play in the cross bolt, snug up the front ring to the base.
    Pull the rear ring back to take out the play in the cross bolt, and tighten it all up.
    If I'm using the old style Weaver rings, I now throw my screwdriver and shout some obscenities.
    Find where the screwdriver went, then loosen the ring screws, level the crosshairs again and tighten up.

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    There's also the fact you may want to make sure your rings are properly aligned on the base so that it doesn't put pressure on the scope when you tighten it down and 'bend' it a little. If it doesn't sit right, you may want to lap it a bit. Either way, 2 is the only option.

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