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    Course Cancelled - 5 Day Advanced Long Range Rifle

    Hello all!!

    I just wanted to update you all.

    I am sorry to inform all those that have subscribed to this thread, that due to circumstances beyond Shadowforce's control,

    the Course scheduled for July 28- August 1 has been cancelled.

    There seems to be an issue with the certification of the range that Shadowforce uses.

    This issue only came to their attention last night, and while attempts were made to made to find an alternate venue, there simply was not enough time to have all the pieces fall into place.

    As a result the course was cancelled, and refunds will be issued shortly, with effort to still hold this course this year being on going.

    I am personally very frustrated about this, but at this point it is what it is.

    Thanks for all your interest.

    regards and all the best


    Hello all!!

    As Canadian's we are always looking for opportunities to train with our precision rifles. As such I just wanted to bring this to every one's attention.

    I will be personally taking this course.

    I appreciate that this is a bit last minute!!

    Enrollment was actually full, however a few participants have had to cancel due to circumstance beyond control and as such about 4 spots out of 12 have opened up.

    As an added incentive, mention that you saw this on GOC to get a tuition discount!! (Contact for full details)

    I am quite excited about this course as the adjunct Instructor this year is a former USMC Scout Sniper / Chief Scout Sniper.

    Do not let the words "Advanced" throw you. The Main prerequisites for the course are:

    - A valid PAL

    -A Rifle with telescopic sight (i.e. quick adjustable elevation and windage knobs).

    - 500 - 750 rounds match grade ammo

    -An open mind and a desire to learn!!

    Some of the topics to be covered that will help one engage targets out to 1000 yards are:

    Observation Techniques
    Study of the Data Book
    Effects of Weather / Reading the Wind
    Qualification Courses
    Gear and Equipment
    Field Skills
    Known and Unknown Distance Shooting
    Mildot / MOA Reticle Calibration
    Low Light / No light engagements
    Weapons Maintenance
    Range Safety
    Rifle Building and set up
    Range Estimation
    Weapons Zeroing
    Scope Theory
    Shooter Observer Dialog
    Alternate Shooting Positions
    Engagement of Moving Targets

    Many more details about the course, the cost, the gear required, and the instructor, and contact information can be found on the website at:

    w w (just remove the spaces in between the w's)

    There is one more thing I would like to make clear.

    While I have come to know and appreciate their principals, I am, in no way associated or affiliated with ShadowForce.

    I am simply a paying consumer of the training they have to offer, and I simply wanted to share an opportunity for training, as I belive the opportunities are few and far between.

    regards and all the best

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    Hello all!!

    So to save some time I took the liberty of cutting and pasting the contents of the above link here.

    I will do my best to field any questions you might have, or feel free to contact directly

    (both email and telephone contact information are on their website)

    Advanced Tactical Long Range Rifle
    Instructor: Carl T

    PREREQUISITE: Lawfully able to own a firearm with a P.A.L


    This course provides each student the cutting edge skill sets in the use of scoped rifle weapon systems. In this course students will learn many proven techniques in marksmanship based on over USMC Scout Sniper, US Army, government contractor and competitive marksmanship. This course is challenging and will require attention to details during the training. The duration of this course will be five days. The student will gain the knowledge and confidence to be an effective Precision Marksman in the field or in the competitive arena where only hits count.


    • Range Finder
    • Rifle with telescopic sight (i.e. quick adjustable elevation and windage knobs). Capable of engagements out to 1000 yards.
    • 750 – 1000 rounds ammo
    • Three, 3’ dowels
    • 6’ length of green para cord (rope)
    • Gloves
    • Canteen / Camel back / 4 quart Min
    • Camera Tripod
    • Rifle Sling (TAB Gear are our favorites)
    • Binos 750 or better
    • 20x spotting scope
    • Data book (We recommend Impact Data Books)
    • Pen, pencil and eraser
    • Note book
    • A.L.I.C.E. Pack or equivalent equipment
    • Weapons cleaning equipment to include bore guide and cleaning rod
    • Lens pen or optical cleaning gear
    • Calculator

    Tuition: $1625.00 - GOC discount + GST
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    You might want to mention that Shadowforce is located in Calgary. I got all excited, then saw that I would have to drive from Ottawa to Calgary :-(

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