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    I really like my Excalibur Phoenix recurve crossbow.

    There's not much to go wrong with it, and it's super accurate.

    Edit, for a cool pic.

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    One of the main things about archery hunting equipment in general, and expressed here with/without intent, is that simplest is best.

    The less you have that can go wrong, the less that will go wrong.

    I learned that from years of shyte going wrong...
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    everyone I know lovesome Excalibur. for me it's harder to pull back but not impossible. I have a wicked ridge by ten point because it's good enough for me and fits the price tag. Excalibur has a really good warranty

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinbird View Post
    Make sure you lube the serving on any crossbow string regularly to maintain it and lengthen its life.
    The nice thing about recurve crossbows vs compound is not only the simplicity but also the ease and speed you can change a string in the field. it can be done with a compound but you need to have the proper equipment, and have practiced before going into the field (not the best time to be reading instructions about how to get the press to safely work.
    Changing strings on most compounds isn't hard. Changing the cables is another matter and is best done by the factory or a factory trained tech.

    So long as the compound has the double sided hooks for the string (looks a bit like a old fashioned anchor), draw the bow to cock with a crossbow, or about halfway on a bow (best done with stabilizers and sights off, riser down into a soft carpet held done with a foot while you draw with one hand). Slip the new string onto the unused hooks, then let the limbs go back to rest (be careful to avoid a dry fire). Now draw the new string, the old string will go slack and can be removed. Let the limbs go back to rest (again, watch out for a dry fire) and it's done. The only problem is when both strings are on and the limbs are at rest, it feels like the strings are trying to cut your fingers off trapped between the two strings.
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