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    Quote Originally Posted by Strewth View Post
    Huh, thanks!
    Well I just talked to BDX and they are selling bulk 1200 9m for $300 so $0.25 per round.

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    9mm factory ammo was selling for as low as $219.99 per 1k like last month or the month before.

    I think you can still get sombro for that price today.
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    I just bought a case of 40 cal from these guys, Custom Reloading Service Inc in Maple Ridge. I haven't shot it yet because I got my new dies and bullet mold and casting and reloading away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bettercallsaul View Post
    There is the whole "supporting Canada" thing... but who cares.

    We need Canadian Ammo companies.
    Yep, if the price is the same, then why not buy CDN made ammunition?

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