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    Hungry Review Victor Company Skins for AICS Platform Rem M700

    Howdy Precision Shooting lovers!

    I bought these Victor Company Skins from our "barrel pimp" juanvaldez a few weeks ago because I wanted something a little better and ergonomic than my current beloved factory AICS skins/platform.

    They set me back around $ 230 give or take. I better go and have another look at my EMT deposit.

    Anyways, I was impressed how the skins fit the AICS aluminum skeleton, just as tight as the AICS factory skins. The Victor Company people state that these skins save 4 ounces from the factory equivalent, I'm not worried since this rifle is a range queen and I won't be carrying it over hill and dale in my groundhog hunting adventures.

    The installation kit comes with THREE Allen keys for their bolts/screws as well as an assortment of hardware to screw together.. hey they even left bolts for picatinny accessory rails if you buy them sometime in the future from the Victor Company folks.

    IIRC their sizes were: 3mm, 2.5mm and 1.5mm

    The 3mm wrench was for the picatinny rail bolts.
    The 2.5mm wrench was for the 7 or was it 8? skin through bolts
    The 1.5mm wrench was for the 4 little pistol grip urethane insert screw/bolts.

    I do have to give credit for the instruction authors. Well done, no confusion in those instructions. Very clear, but nowhere near as comical as the instructions from a Norinco M4 carbine (you gotta read them, find someone with a Norc's worth the belly laugh.) :dancingbanana:

    The Chinese authors were not well versed in Ingrish, and they threatened consequences for safety infractions, like DEATH

    Oddly enough they did not mention that "Yer dick might fall off." :nest:

    I noticed that the AICS factory bolts/screws were all the same size... how neat, but that's why the AICS is contoured like a brick. With the Victor Company Short Action 2.0 stocks, I really learned to like the contours for hand contact/ carrying points. Very nice... And that explains all the different length of screws, I can live with that.

    All the screws/bolts installed without any incidents or goofy surprises. Now the pistol grip needed some getting used to. I agree with the angle of the grip which I thought felt like the typical Colt 1911 angle, but it's really a bit more vertical. That urethane rubber coating that is secured with four allen head screws fits my medium hands really well. I'm certain people with larger hands will likely wrap a Hogue "Handall" around that grip to thicken things up. With smaller hands, other users might want to sand down and re-contour that factory urethane grip.

    For a while (I'm a Magpul Koolaid beeeyotch) I was wondering why the designers did not accommodate the ubiquitous AR15 pistol grip here, but I'm just a competitive shooter; they must have their reasons...

    Have a look at the finished product:

    So, after everything come together, I was goofing off with the newly installed stock / rifle combination and then I turned on the hockey game and sat down on the couch. While resting the rifle on my lap, I thought to myself that I did not tighten or loosen the barreled receiver; nor did I do anything with the 3/16" action screws in the least. So I grabbed my T Handled 3/16" Allen wrench to see what kind of access I had to the action screws from the bottom of the AICS skins.

    This is what I discovered:

    Yeah, can you see the lack of action screw access holes in the new skins? I put them alongside the AICS factory FDE skins. Have a look!

    So I landmarked and measured the necessary action screw holes. I drew them in with a Sharpie permanent marker and began the drilling process.

    I did a bunch of drilling, rasping, and filing. The skins are made of a softer polymer and that material was easy to drill into. I was slightly annoyed but remembering that a 48 year old buddy of mine is undergoing cancer treatments ; I realized that this situation was merely a slight annoyance. Enough said.

    Life is good now....

    My other complaint (not really annoying anymore) is the transfer of the SKT Industries (google them, Chris is your contact in Seattle) AICS cheekpiece for the 2.0 AICS. You see, the new skins are narrower (not such a deep belly, so to speak) and I have extra straps to pull on in order to get the cheekpiece to remain still. It's good now. Have a look at the picture below.

    I am very happy with this over $ 200 expenditure since I am really enjoying the pistol grip. The open thumbhole just did not allow me to control the rifle as well. Now it's feeling like a uber-heavy AR, my hand can control that rifle much better while in whatever shooting position. I knew that the thumbhole worked for me in the prone position, but once I started kneeling (like we shoot in Service Rifle matches), I got perplexed and wished for a pistol grip skin arrangement.

    Victor Company delivers. Now I might consider ordering some picatinny rails for LCV (look cool value) ... LOL :nest:

    I hope this can work for you. Peace be to journey.


    PS: I did leave an email for the Victor Company engineers and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

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    I don't like it ... not sure why but just don't! I'm sure if it functions as it should then it's a good product but I'll keep my two AICS stocks STOCK.

    Rankin Inlet, NU
    "Life is grande, even at the worst of times!"
    "Oooh tha lord ... said when I met my avatar's snoobies!"

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