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    Exclamation Good Ole Fashion Giveaway - Winners Posted

    Silver bullet giveaway!

    4 Winners will be picked.
    2 Mods and 2 GOC Members will be picked.

    Mods must tell us their most embarrassing firearms moment (nothing illegal) to enter.

    GOC members tell us their Favorite firearms Moment.

    Moderators giveaway will be judged by myself.
    GOC Member's will be judged by the mods.

    Each winner will receive 1 silver bullet (1 Oz of silver in the form of a bullet)

    I'm going to give some time for this one, so the draw will be Feb 1, 2020 6am mst

    Enter by posting your Moment

    Good Luck


    Took abit of time to be honest going back and forth.

    1st place for the members was easy for the mods - MarkR
    2nd place was a tie and I had to do the tie break - Stephen

    Guys, PM me your mailing address and names and i'll get your prizes sent out.

    Blacksmithden and Rory McCanuck win the mod prizes
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    So I presume you want us to post our Favourite Firearms Moment here.

    Here goes: I grew up in a family that while our immediate family didn't hunt or shoot, I had lots of uncles who did hunt. I picked up the hobby, along with fur trapping, almost against my mother's wishes. That all said, my favourite firearm moment was when I was young lad out with my father for a hike. I had my .410 break action Cooey and my dad was just along for the hike. I managed to bag two grouse and I found it hard to juggle the two birds plus my shotgun. I remember asking my father if he would carry the birds for me. I still remember him telling me "Son, I'd be proud to". I haven't hunted in years but I do shoot. I still remember that day, and I miss my dad.
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    My favourite firearms moment - my gun club had a family match a few years ago. The child had to compete as a team with a parent. We went and my wife and son were one team, and my daughter and I were another. There were a couple other fathers there with their sons, making 5 teams in total. They ran it with a few different challenges; silhouette shooting and at a scoring target. I had, the year before, made her a pink Cooey. It was a model 39 I got with a stock that wasn't so great. I fixed the stock, and cut it down to fit her, and painted it pink. And got her pink ear defenders and pink shooting glasses and a pink trigger lock. She was very proud of it when she got to the range, all decked out in pink. I am happy to say she won the trophy that day, and was smiling from ear to ear...
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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    YES!!!! There back!

    This should be fun. Damn, posted most embarrassing moment.

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    The first time I went shooting with a handgun. I was with my GF and they made us shoot a 686 in 357 mag. She shot the 6 rounds in about a 2 inch group at 7 meters.

    I went and shot the whole cylinder, and the target was untouched. I never thought something like the scene in pulp fiction was possible in real life, but after my terrible shooting, I knew that ;

    A) it was

    B) I had to get my license to practice and get better

    and here is the scene :

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    my best day

    I know a retired JTF sniper. I shoot with him once in a while. One day, autumn of 2018 he, his wife and I were at the range where I was an RSO. I was just there to watch while they sighted in their rifles for a moose hunt. At one point, he asked if I wanted to fire his Timberwolf. Well yes. He was on the spotting scope. I hit a little low and right. I swore a little bit. He just said, "Do it again." I fired again and just shook my head. "Where the fu*& did it go? It's not even on the paper!" He laughed and said, "Do it again. Aim for your bullet hole this time." I did. And again I said, "WTF??!!" He said, "You key holed it twice." I looked at the target through the scope again and shook my head. I said, "That's BS." He said, "No, it's not. That's just good shooting. Nothing less." His wife said, "If he says you did, you did." I've shot with him a couple dozen times. I've been shooting since I was a kid and handguns since 1985. That day in 2018, I took three shots and then a sniper from JTF-2 shook my hand... that was my best day with a gun.

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    GOC members tell us their Favorite firearms Moment:

    Was the first pistol I bought which is my S&W 686.... I bought it just after I join the gun club to which I am still a member from 1998....

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    My favourite moment was when I was a range officer at an indoor range in a mall where the general public could rent firearms.

    A lady and her man came in, the man was the body builder, skater boy hat on backwards type, joking around about how he knew a lot about guns etc, and the girl was the silent shy type. I gave them the usual spiel about safety rules and how to operate the firearms safely, and then they went to it. As they shot I gave them instruction on how to improve their technique, each focusing on their own target and unaware of how the other was doing. When they came out of the range the staff said "how'd you do?" and the lady held up her target with a big grin on her face and there was about a 3" hole in the center with a few earlier shots here and there, and the guy had rosy cheeks and looked rather embarassed. His target looked like it had been shot at with a 6" barreled shotgun with buckshot hahaha he just stared at the ground and drug her out of there as fast as he could.

    It turns out after working there for a while I learned women are much better at taking constructive criticism and applying it to their shooting ability, because that situation was not a rare occurrence haha. Priceless.

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    Those are all very embarrassing moments. But not so much the one about missing the target completely while the GF didn't.
    Did I get this right?

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    My Favorite moment was taking my 12 year old cousin shooting for the first time and seeing him light up like a Christmas tree after ringing steel at 100 yards on his first try.
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