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    Smile Hungry Review ProMag M14 Scope Mount Base

    Okay you M14 / M1A lovers in CGOwner land:

    Buzzballer is a newbie to the M14 world of shooting and when he bought one of them, I was able to follow through with a promise I made him when we were loading chairs (we were young once and liftees at Blue Mountain, ON) together. I told him that if he ever bought an M14; I would get his back. Well, we installed the TAC PRO cheek piece on his rifle, but that was after he did the install on his M14 with the ProMag M14 Scope mount, while I pointed the "finger of authority". :evil:

    I like the price point of this mount. I like how Jerry T or MysticPlayer is basically an 'accuracy pimp' and brings in all kinds of great accuracy related goodies for us. In this case, the well priced ProMag mount. Now many of you know that I bought almost every sub- $100 scope mount ever made in the past 30 years and much to my chagrin I ended up falling in love with the ARMS18 (and you can shamelessly call me a FANboy on this one) because mounting up the ARMS18 resulted in the fewest (well maybe the Smith Ent Inc 2024, but try importing one) nasty surprises.

    The ARMS 18 mount was modified several years ago to a FULL length Picatinny rail and often with the chinese bolt ejector springs, brass ejection problems appeared for some of our M14 owners. Not a good surprise. ARMS18 mounts in the older models were sought after. Well somebody at ProMag got their shyte together and came up with what appears to be knock off, but slightly different copy of the EARLY (much desired) ARMS18 mount.

    AND (big AND here)... it comes WITH the front set screw instead of the Cap screw that ARMS18 provides. Yes, the front socket set screw is shorter and does not conflict with the rear end of the front handguard. :dancingbanana:

    The hardest part about this installation is knocking out the stripper clip guide block... just ask Buzzballer. It took several blows with a block of wood and a steel hammer, but we got it off without skinning any knuckles or harming any animals.

    Then we got to work:

    I do have to mention that front pad screw... look at the bottom of the picture and locate the front pad screw, you will see the bent circlip hanging in the air. I'm new to this mount and I dunno if that bent circlip is a critical or important issue at this point. We still need to do some testing. Okay, back to the install process.

    The clip guide anchor fit inside the Norc clip guide bridge perfectly, slight tapping with the plastic hammer was in order.

    The side bolt needed a 3/8" box wrench (hey....that's the size of your gas plug or combo tool wrench )

    Then we snugged down the rear allen screw, and alternated between the side bolt and that clip guide allen screw.

    Now that front pad screw was a little on the goofy side. For under $ 100 , this scope mount had to have a weakness or two and I found out why this ProMag mount is half the cost of the ARMS18...

    It's because one of the circlips around the pad screw was made of inexpensive and soft copper (metal) and it just self destructed. No worries because I did not think that this was a critical area or concern. Some of you experts with the ProMag can feel free to enlighten me.

    Almost home... We mounted up some LOW Millett Angle-Loc rings and then the Bushnell 10x 40mm Mildot 3200 series. I love these scopes especially around the $ 230 mark. Great value!

    Summary or Conclusion?

    I'm looking into getting one of these and test shooting it for myself. Buzzballer and I will be playing with his scope sometime next week. Yeah, I like this alternative to the ARMS18 (which BTW is milspec and deployable, last time I looked) since most of us ain't deploying to hot and sandy locations with JTF3. :evil:

    I'm hoping you can make up your mind and fire off any questions to the ProMag pimp (he fuels our addictions) Jerry T or MysticPlayer, Tell him I sent ya!


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    Great review Barney!!
    I too have a Pro-Mag scope mount but I bought the Smith copy. I personally don't like how low the ARMS style is and the first mount I bought was a Smith so I'm a bit bias. My first impression was excited to say the least, a 2006 version for way less than the Smith I had some install issue's but that was more fault with the receiver than the mount. I made a quick shim for it and problem was solved. I have get to get it to the range so no range report yet but soon.

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