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Low Light High Risk Room Entry with Simunition(R)
Course Title: Low Light High Risk Room Entry with Simunition(R)
Duration: 6 hours per day, 2 days
Date: September 13 & 14, 2014
Cost: $240.00 per day or $400 for both days, plus Simunition(R)
Hours: 10:00 ending at 17:00
Location: Abbotsford, BC (residential location to be announced) **See Disclaimer**

**Must be a member of a law enforcement agency to participate** Civilians approved on a case-by-case basis. Call us to find out more.

Simunition(R) Glock 17 holster as the simunition pistols are on a glock frame (we have some to lend), mag holders also. If you have Glock 9mm or 40 cal magazines please bring them. BRING A WEAPON MOUNTED LIGHT: you can bring a flashlight instead but you are responsible to provide your own light. Everything else is provided.

Sim pistols will be provided. Bring sim if you have it available, there will be some on site for purchase. Cost is $40 per box of 50.

How to Register: Call us at 604-824-9107 or email info@civiladvantage.com

Course Description:

Day one will be live fire room entry and day two will be low light.

Low Light High Risk Room Entry with Simunition(R):
This time around we address a critical skill set important to your survival, low-light scenarios. Why is this type of training absolutely essential? Here are a few facts to consider...

More than half of police involved critical incidents occur in low light conditions.
Hit ratios suffer greatly in low light (even worse than the average of 18%).
75% of "Mistake-of-Fact" shootings occur in low light.

Some in the training community suggest that low light be more than half of an officers training days. We are promoting that idea for the 2014 Spring Training event. This is a force on force opportunity using Simunition(R) and actors. This time the targets shoot back...

Call us at 604-824-9107
Email us at info@civiladvantage.com