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    Best for youth? Rascal? Mini Bolt? Cricket?

    Hello everyone,

    I've got a Remington 597 that my wife and I love plinking with, but it's still a bit much for my daughter. She could fire it from a bipod on a table, but I'd rather teach her on a single shot so she can better understand how guns work.

    I've seen lots of people reviewing the Savage Rascal, and they seem to be the most popular in stores, but Cabela's also has a Henry Mini Bolt that looks higher quality, but there are quite a few people complaining about it not ejecting properly.

    Google also brings up a Crickett and a CZ452 Scout, but I've never seen these in stores to handle. Ditto Marlin XT22 youth.

    As far as my criteria, single shot like I mentioned, and I'm willing to pay a bit mroe to get higher quality, but within reason. IE, I'd be willing to spend $300 if it were a lot better than the $200 option, but I'm not going to spend $600+ to get a target match quality youth rifle.

    Thank you for any tips. I'm surprised I haven't been able to find a large comparison review from a reputable website for youth models, so if anyone else has a link for that, it would be great, please.

    Added: I should have mentioned that I am leaning heavily toward 22LR, but it is not mandatory. I'd be willing to look at 17HMR to have a new calibre to dabble with, but I'm pretty sure practically all youth models are going to be 22LR (I don't want a 410 combo gun, either). I was able to find a Rossi 17HMR youth model, but the pictures make it look very cheaply made.
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