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    For the GoT fans!

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    What is GoT ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    What is GoT ?
    Game of Thrones. (I'm old and even I know that. )
    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for 'em.

    'Never trust anyone who says you can't legally own something because they don't like it'. - Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prairie Dog View Post
    Game of Thrones. (I'm old and even I know that. )
    Yes, you're old (too) and Game of Thrones is now the "morning constitutional" to the rest of us.
    "It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens."

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    I love a lot of TV series (Sopranos, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Mad Men, Walking Dead, etc), but I could not get into GoT for the life of me.

    I know that some shows take longer than others to get their hooks in, but I gave it practically a whole season because of all the attention it was getting, and I just didn't get it.

    Shows should be addictive right from the first episode, like Breaking Bad or Homeland.

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