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    Black bear illegally shot near Waterton Lakes National Park Public tips sought to help locate shooter responsible

    Wildlife officials are asking for help in finding the person responsible for the illegal poaching of a black bear near Waterton Lakes National Park.

    In early April a black bear was found dead in its den near Chief Mountain International Highway, a road that runs along the eastern side of the park. The bear had been shot by a rifle.

    Park warden Michael Taylor said the bear’s den — which was clearly visible from the highway — was actually located just outside of the park boundary. However, Chief Mountain International Highway is located within the park boundary and Taylor said officials believe the person who shot the bear was on park property when they did it.

    While it’s legal — with a permit and during hunting season — to shoot black bears in Alberta, it is always illegal to shoot an animal within a national park. It is also illegal to discharge a firearm in a park.

    “The only time a firearm can even be in a national park is if it’s encased in a vehicle going through on a public highway. So somebody obviously had an uncased firearm out of their vehicle, and discharged that firearm in the park,” Taylor said.

    While elk, deer and bighorn sheep occasionally fall victim to poachers in Waterton, Taylor said it is unusual to lose a bear in this way.

    “National parks are about healthy ecosystems and visitor enjoyment,” he said. “If you want to come to national parks to see bears, there are fantastic places to go do that. But it’s an issue when people are discharging their firearms within the park and killing wildlife. Any death of a large carnivore such as a bear certainly has implications for the local and regional ecosystem.”

    Park wardens are working with Alberta Fish and Wildlife to investigate the incident. Fines for discharging a firearm in a national park range from $4,500 to $250,000. Anyone with any information is asked to call Alberta’s Report-A-Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

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    The bear had been shot by a rifle.
    Bad rifle! Bad!

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    We as firearm owners and hunters don't need this kind of sh*t.Especially in parks and then to just leave the animal.I have no use for A-holes like this.

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    Jeez, I hate poachers!
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    The only time a firearm can even be in a national park is if it’s encased in a vehicle going through on a public highway.
    I hate national parks too.
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    Likely the same types who shoot road signs.

    They all give shooters and hillbillies a bad name

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