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Thread: Kraft Dinner

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    Super Moderator greywolf67nt's Avatar
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    Kraft Dinner

    Just wondering what everyone adds to their boxed macaroni and cheese?
    Our family favourite is chopped up weiners or bacon.
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    After I prepare the KD, I add a can of Stagg hot chili.

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    Sometimes I add parmesean know....just to make sure the salt content is high enough. Honestly, I dont really like the stuff much myself. The kids would eat it for every meal if we let them. I recently found it on sale at the Walmart in Edson Alberta for 68 cents a limit. Since the stuff is indestructable and we'll use it eventually, I bought 144 boxes if I remember right. Might as well stock up for a couple years when you find it cheap.
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    Untouchable FlyingHigh's Avatar
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    I voted never. Mainly cause I refuse to eat that crap. I hate that stuff so much.

    However, I do like Epicure's mac and cheese mix. It's way better. Just alot more expensive.
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    Go Canucks Go! lone-wolf's Avatar
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    I don't like it much, but I try to make it using whipping cream iirc instead of milk.
    Added bacon is preferred.

    Home made cheese sauce is better. I make and put on meatballs. Cheesy meatball goodness.
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    Okay I don't eat it very much either just KD in the title cuz everyone knows what KD is.
    We actually prefer the Presidents Choice white cheddar one if we have to.
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    I didn't vote as i don't buy that crap. I make my own and it's much better than any KD i had to eat as a kid.

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    Senior Member mavrik9's Avatar
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    In the thriving metropolis of Beiseker AB.
    Three under three in my house, I see a lot more of that stuff in my future. Tuna, chilly, hotdogs/smokies, or bacon are the add ins. And no voting on tap talk.
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    Kids yes, with ketchup. Adults, not so much. No measuring though? Boil in water until soft, drain, splash of milk, add cheeze powder.
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    Senior Member wolver's Avatar
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    North of North Bay area, ON
    I don't use milk, just margarine or butter. I like it thick. I also add chopped up onions and celery, if handy.
    PC White Cheddar is my favourite Mac 'n Cheese.

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