How difficult is it to install a scope mount on a Henry mini-bolt?

I picked one up a couple years ago for the girls, and they love it. I do too, it has plenty of kid-friendly features; it's lightweight, fibre-optic sights, single-shot with manual cocking and a safety. The girls shoot well with it, and aside from a lack of a feed ramp, which makes reloading it tough with gloves on, I highly recommend one.

The front sight fibre is large, and using the rifle at the range is OK, but now they want to hunt. I want to put an optic on it to help with accuracy. However, Henry says the rifle must be tapped to accept the scope mount, which is a proprietary item. I am having trouble on two fronts, finding the mount in Canada and finding any data on how it is mounted.

I will not do this job myself, as drilling and tapping for this is beyond my comfort and tooling level. But, I want to be informed as to how it is supposed to work and look.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can someone point me in the right direction?

I do want to continue using a single-shot for now, since there is less to think about to stay safe than a magazine-fed bolt action that cocks automatically or semi-auto. As well, the girls are experienced with it and I believe in incremental changes to ensure lessons stay with the kids.

I am not adverse to picking up another gun that will do the trick better, but this one is in the safe.