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    Quote Originally Posted by Hidyn View Post
    Boo, after the last update I figured the truck had arrived and I'd have my stuff for the next range trip.

    Oh well. Thanks for the update!
    it is unfortunate, however with all the changes being made to our laws the folks at the CBSA just want to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly! Our Canadian Customers page will always have the most up to date information regarding the import and the second we have any news it will be updated!

    My favorite part of doing the import is seeing all the awesome stuff our customers ordered!

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    any clue when the december import is expected to arrive in Canada?

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    The update from today on their website has this text:
    (Last updated Jan 06, 2021)
    Our import has landed!
    I don't think that was there yesterday.

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    Cool. My ACR parts are here
    Previously- Rivetc78 from CGN

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    I have been trying to get a hold of you, can you respond back

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