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    Can you refresh me on what it cost to bring some mags in from the US if I purchase and have them sent to you, they will need to be pinned as well
    If you could send us an email to we would be able to get you that information. If you could let us know what the magazines are and how many you are bringing in we can certainly get you pricing!

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    Thanks so much for the Trigger Job in a Bag from LTT. Made the trigger on my M9A3 absolute butter, super short takeup, zero overtravel, tiny reset, and the reset sounds like you're snapping twigs it's so crisp. The double action is insanely smooth too, almost like it more than single action!

    Just for future reference, if someone wants to order it with the "Wilson Combat Deluxe Hammer" do NOT order it from LTT WITHOUT that hammer and substitute your own one that you have in stock (as there is extensive work done to the hammer to match the rest of the trigger components).

    Thanks again.

    -Jamie M.

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