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Thread: Ghost rings.

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    Ghost rings.

    I've got my eye on a 590a1, but I can't decide whether I want the ghost rings or just a front bead. Anyone with a Mossberg (or similar shotgun) that has ghost rings on it care to weigh in on what I should do? The shotgun is going to be used for plinking 90 percent of the time.

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    I really only like ghost rings for slugs. It might just be me, but they seem to be a lot harder to hit clays with. I like a good old fashioned bead. Borrow some of the old lady's nail polish if you want to make the bead easier to see.

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    Ghost rings are no good for clays.
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    I have a 590A1 with ghost rings and a 930 with a bead, so both not quite but essentially the same barrel length. The downside to the bead is you don't get a vertical reference. I haven't shot tons of clays with either gun, but I am a bit better with the GRs.

    I might agree with mlehto if I had more experience and a few thousand busted clays under my belt. I'm mainly using them for 3gun however, and am actually debating changing the bead to GRs or similar.
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    I can't hit anything that's airborne with GR's, I'm definetly old fashioned bead guy, Sometimes I'm even better with the old beater's that the bead broke off
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