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    Rod, you may find this interesting...

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    [from original post link]


    A CSSA member writes:

    Hello Tony,

    I thought you may be interested in this personal experience and I wanted to share it.
    I would like to advise you of a situation or occurrence which took place at my home on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 10:15 PM. I had a slip and fall accident in my driveway and injured my left ankle being outside in my driveway and not able to walk I called 911 to request an ambulance to go to hospital not far away. I called about 10:30 PM and was asked what emergency services I required, ambulance I said. I was switched over to ambulance dispatch and reported personal injury, my name, address, the phone number I was calling from and a major intersection.

    I waited about 5 to 7 minutes and the ambulance came but just drove by my townhouse, I had a pen LED flashlight to shine at the passing ambulance to attempt to signal them; they just kept driving away (I could not go after or chase them as I could not walk and had difficulty standing). The next thing I see is a large number of police vehicles arrive in the townhouse complex but not in my direct location then a black van comes into the complex. I was wondering if they had an urgent call “heart attack or stroke” at another unit further down the townhouse complex.

    About 20 minutes pass and all the police cars and black van stream up to the front of my townhouse and I am still sitting on my front entrance garden bench. The police arrive from different angles and from behind parked vehicles, and then the police instructions, hands up, take one hand down open your winter coat, any weapons, put your hands up, keep your hands up, don’t move as they get a little closer, stand up open your coat.
    “I cannot stand up I have an ankle injury and that is why I am sitting”. Any weapons, “no but I do have jackknife, pocket knife and utility knife. Keep your hands up we are coming closer; Long guns drawn and three officers approach at once, immediately body search, they remove everything from my pockets, one officer is grabbing knives, some officers had my wallet some had my cell phone, another had my pocket camera.
    The officer that took control of my knives speaks up, “this is a prohibited weapon” and I say “it is a jack knife from Walmart” reply from officer “I could charge you with possession of a prohibited weapon” and I reply “well you better charge everyone who purchases them from Walmart and (stop) Walmart from selling them.”

    This was the most aggressive officer of the group, he then turns around and attempts to open my front door, I say “it is locked” and he says “why”; Because I called the ambulance to go to the hospital for my ankle. Officer asks who is inside; “nobody, I live alone, just my dog. And he tries the door again. I said what is the problem, the reply from the same officer; “You have guns” I say how do you know? Officer “we know everything, how many guns do you have? My reply “lots.”
    I ask can I get medical help now, get your ID out; Ontario Health Card and then the paramedics bring the stretcher and strap me on. I get loaded into the ambulance which is parked the furthermost away.
    I bring this to your attention as I am a registered gun owner, my long guns were registered when required and hand guns have been registered for decades. I am member of a registered hunt club, a member of XXXX, a member of XXXX gun club in XXXX, On, and I hold a valid Ontario Outdoors Card with large game hunting privileges. I have never had a criminal past, I have lived at my current address for 10 years without incident, I have never had the occasion to use or call 911 from my home.

    I would be very concerned that every registered firearm owner would have to wait for a police tactical squad to arrive, be searched and secured before medical attention was provided. It is fortunate that I only had minor injuries and not a life threatening health or medical problem and resources were withheld just because I am a registered gun owner.
    Fire fighters run into a burning house to save you, these guys would standby in the interest of their own safety and you would perish. It may be a good thing criminals not register their firearm when it comes to emergency health care.


    Editor's Note – Words fail. The pogrom against Canada's lawful gun owners must stop.

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    There just has to be more to these stories. I can't picture this.
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