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Thread: PS3 games

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    PS3 games

    Took a giant leap into the 21st century and got a PS3 for the blu ray player and it's ability to stream Netflix. Did you know you can also play games on it?! It came with CoD/Modern Warfare 2 which seems like a pretty decent game.

    What other games are similar? I do like a good shoot 'em up but also like something with a bit of strategy and problem solving involved. I also like RPG games such as Diablo but will have to buy a new computer to play III. Any similar PS3 games?

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    I'm playing through Red Dead Redemption right now. Think Grand Theft Auto meets Cowboys and Indians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustBen View Post
    I'm playing through Red Dead Redemption right now. Think Grand Theft Auto meets Cowboys and Indians.
    Hum.. may have to try that game out, I like GTA good sandbox type game, Need for speed is good if you like racing, rainbow six vegas is good me and a friends afew weekends ago played the whole campaign in splitscreen.
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    Battlefield 3, multiplayer. BEST...WAR...GAME...EVER...

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    Red Dead Redemption is a good game. Bought it 6 month ago but haven't played it much lately. BF3 kicks ass. The problem Im having is getting use to the controller. Im a PC gamer so there's a bit of a learning curve.

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