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    Shotgun Scope selection

    What's up guys, this is my first post so bare with me please!

    I am looking at purchasing a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun with 3 barrel combo to use as my general hunting gun as rifles are prohibited in my Area. One of the barrels comes fully rifled with a cantilever which I am looking to mount a scope to. I have done my research and know that these firearms max out at 150 to 200 yrds MAX. Therefore i need a scope with minimum zoom and especially generous eye relief to negotiate with the high amount of recoil generated by the firearm. I have found the Nikon Slughunter scope to fill those needs for me. I was wondering if there are any other generally well-priced scopes that could fill my needs, and if by experience some of you have used rifle scopes on shotguns without any problems.

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    My buddy has the Slughunter on his slug gun. He really likes it. I have their Inline model on my inline muzzleloader. Can't go wrong, in my opinion.

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    My suggestion would be a good red dot/reflex sight not a crosshair "scope" per se
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    i put a Mepro 21 on my Benelli M4
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    Eotech 552, on my KSG.....

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    I'd tend towards a red dot or similar myself - 200 is actually REALLY max and probably beyond max for most slug guns. Red dots let you keep both eyes open and really keep your situational awareness so to speak for those closer in shots. Plenty of good options there.

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