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    Surrey Residents - time to elect a PRO-GUN Conservative!

    from elsewhere

    Would you like a Pro-Gun Conservative or an Anti-Gun Conservative running in the next Federal Election?

    The riding of Surrey Centre is a swing riding and is currently held by ANTI GUN NDP MP Jasbir Sandhu.

    In 2011 Dona Cadman lost the riding in a close race. Dona will not be running again.

    My friend MANI FALLON need our support so that she can be the Conservative candidate to take on the NDP in October 2015.

    Her Conservative nominee opponent is your typical big money Indo-Canadian parachute nominee, and owes NO LOYALTY to gun owners and DOES NOT SUPPORT LEGAL CIVILIAN GUN OWNERSHIP.

    Mani has roots in rural BC (grew up in Duncan), her husband is a hunter and gun owner, and she is PRO-Firearms ownership.

    She understands the importance of our cultural and heritage sport and RIGHT to own and keep firearms. She understands the Swiss Arms and CZ issues, and she understands C-42 and that we need a BETTER Firearms Act.

    Mani needs your help. She needs volunteers and Conservative members to vote for her in the April nomination election.

    Only Conservative Party members can vote for Mani at the nomination race. You must sign up before mid-April.

    Mani is very accessible - and if you have any questions please PM me and I will pass on her email to you.

    Surrey-Centre Riding

    Mani Fallon Bio

    Mani Deol-Fallon was born in Duncan, B.C. Her grandfather immigrated to Canada from India in 1906 and brought with him a strong work ethic and a desire to build a life in a country that would give his future family an opportunity to thrive. A small town upbringing, along with the example set by her parents, instilled the importance of family and the value of hard work in Mani at a young age.

    Mani has lived in Surrey Centre since 1981, when the family moved to Surrey, B.C. seeking greater economic opportunities. Watching her father work double shifts to put food on the table, Mani became all too familiar with the challenges faced by families across the riding as many struggled to not only provide the basics for their families but to ensure the safety of their children and elders. As a result, Mani developed a lifelong commitment to volunteer in her community to improve the lives of her neighbours, a commitment that can be seen in her passion for politics and her desire to increase the opportunities in Surrey Centre.

    Mani has a degree in International Relations from U.B.C. and has continued with part-time studies at BCIT in an ongoing effort to continue to broaden and improve her skillset. With an extensive background in business administration, franchise operations, sales and marketing, Mani has experience dealing with multi-million dollar budgets as well as human resource challenges.

    Passion and a sense of public service propelled her into politics in 2011, where she ran as the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in the riding of Newton-North Delta. After knocking on hundreds of doors and meeting thousands of people, Mani narrowly lost in a tight three-way race in the May, 2011 federal election. Following the election, she was recruited by the Conservative Party of Canada to be the Regional Organizer for the local electoral district associations of B.C. where she worked with over 1000 volunteers.

    With a proven track record, the next opportunity came in the office of The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister for Multiculturalism. As Regional Advisor to the Minister, Mani was able to build relationships with key stakeholders across the region.

    Mani also believes in the importance of giving back to her community, demonstrated in her volunteer efforts. Mani has sat on numerous boards including the South Asian Family Association and the Motion Picture Theatre Association of B.C. Newly appointed to the Diversity Advisory Committee to the City of Surrey, Mani continues to not only contribute to her community but stay engaged in the issues of the day. Maniís belief in a small government, low taxes, a strong national defence and tough criminal justice laws that put families first, are all driving forces to be actively engaged in the political process.

    Mani has been married for over 20 years to her husband Matthew and is raising 2 young daughters, Jaymie and Ruby in the same neighbourhood she grew up in

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