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    Great stuff! Thanks. Hope Williams picks it up and they tool a size for mine. 1/4in would be 1/8 too small for mine. Looks like it will expensive too.

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    The thread title brought to mind images of an old trench-coat clad man in the park.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camo tung View Post
    The thread title brought to mind images of an old trench-coat clad man in the park.
    that thread is in off topics..."cog problems for old peepers"
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    Lone-wolf has it right, the rear sight doesn't need to be in focus.
    Your brain automatically aligns through the centre of the hole, whether it's sharp or fuzzy is irrelevant.
    If you second guess it, I think accuracy actually suffers.

    I've been meaning to try putting a piece of electrical tape with a hole in it onto my glasses.
    Here's an explanation:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
    Have a look at this, do you think this might help?

    Oooh, that looks nice. Now, would that just replace the insert in the rear sight?
    That would be great.

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    I've been messing around with vision issues for shooting for several years. There is no right answer but I will give y'all my latest discovery and solution.
    About three years ago, I had a set of bifocal shooting glasses made up with the lens for my dominant eye optimized for the front sight and a second lens cut in the bottom that I could use to read. The left lens was left as a single focus. These glasses worked perfectly for pistol shooting as the FS is clear and crisp and the combination of both eyes gives me good clarity at all distances. However these glasses were or are useless for the Red Dot on my AR and the shotgun with the latter being less critical. The red dot is just a blurred mess. I have a Leupold RDS on top of a HAMR 4x

    So if I shoot both pistols and the rifle in the same match which I do often, I have to switch glasses back and forth and use my progressive day glasses for the rifle and shotgun with safety glasses over them. Needless to say it's a PITA. I can get a clear FS on the pistol with the progressives but I have to tilt my head way back into a poor and uncomfortable position.

    Recently, I read about stickable bifocals where you wet the small magnifying lense and stick it to the inside of your glasses. So I bought a set of + 1.25 after reading the prescriptions of both my glasses. The brand is Hydrotac and available at Walmart or online. I used Amazon. When I got the lenses. I trimmed one of them to fit the top 1/4 to 1/3 of my safety glasses. When I put the safety glasses over my day glasses this is what I get:

    My normal posture with the pistol has my head tilted slightly down and so I see through the combination of my day glasses and the strip of stick on lens on the right lens of my safety glasses. PERFECT! The front sight is crisp and clear as soon as the gun comes to my shooting position.

    When I pick up the rifle, mount it to my cheek, my vision is through the centre of my day glasses and the strip stick on, doesn't come into play. The red dot is crisp and clear. When I drop down to the HAMR. the same is true and the reticle is sharp and clear.

    I'm a happy camper. Now I'm going to take my solution to the eye Doctor and have them write a prescription and get a lens cut for my shooting glasses and that will just make things more convenient and comfortable. Life is better. :-)
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    Sinclair sells it in their catalog. Still not sure if it would help the OP.

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    The Sinclair/AOS MicroSight is a revolutionary solution to a problem that’s plagued riflemen since the beginning of rifle shooting itself: how to see both the target and the front sight clearly at the same time. A legitimate “game changer” doesn’t come along very often in the precision shooting world these days, so when we heard the MicroSight called one, we were, frankly, pretty skeptical. Then we tried it—and couldn’t believe the difference it made in sight picture and group size. The MicroSight uses “phased zone plate” technology in two tiny, internal lenses to produce two distinct focal points, so you see both the front sight AND the target perfectly clear, crisp, and in focus at the same time. You get a dramatically enhanced sight picture for more precise aiming and faster target acquisition that leads to superior accuracy and smaller groups. It gives iron sight target shooters, hunters, and military/law enforcement marksmen an amazing capability previously available only with a scope, red dot, or holographic sight.

    Invented by David Crandall, an engineer at Idaho National Laboratory, a competitive shooter and U.S. Palma Team member, the MicroSight is actually a small add-on device that adds essentially no weight (OK, a few grams) or bulk to your rifle. It screws between the sight body and the rear aperture on adjustable rear sights from Centra, Gehmann, RPA, Warner, PNW, Anschutz, and similar models that have a 9.5mm x 1 thread pitch and require a rear-to-front radius of approximately 33" (84cm). For best results, use with 1.5mm or larger aperture setting.

    Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:217


    AOS MicrosightMfr Part: 1000201

    Add to Cart
    In Stock



    Made in the USA

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    my apologies, double post.
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