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    Quick update, see what's coming up!!

    Rod Giltaca, PAL Instructor
    Civil Advantage Firearms Training

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    Looking forward to the new content Rod. Shirts are to be credited to Mrs Civil Advantage I see. So now I finally know.
    GOC moderator
    Dealer/co-founder/co-owner of Tundra Supply Ltd.
    The High River Gun Grab - NEVER FORGET !!!!
    Feb 26 2014 - Swiss Arms prohibition and ordered confiscation by the RCMP - NEVER FORGET !!!!!

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    A place to see... A place to go.... Ontary-ary-ary-ohhhh

    And hurray for Vlad! He almost makes me forget about that A**-hat Putin, and he inspired me to go out and get some Zinc supplements! ;P

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