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    Without the can to transport fuel, the blitzkrieg would still have happened. Fuel trucks were in widespread use by then. The jerry can just made longe range strikes and patrols less dependent on logistics. Gas stations and fuel depots were some of the first targets taken anyhow.
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    The Brits were smart, copying the German version. The U.S. one is a piece of junk in comparison. I have one of the British ones, dated 1980, and have been using it constantly since 1998. First on my old M37CDN, and now on my M-38A1.

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    I have a few of the British Jerry clones and they are amazing. You can even buy rebuild kits for them.

    I have one USGI can and it sucks. Suffice to say it's been powdercoated, lined, and relegated to grey water use.

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