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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    My thoughts as well, for NS deer at least. I'm going to be using(hopefully, purchase not yet made) a 2-8x nikon monarch 3 after I used a 2-7x vortex diamondback last year.

    I recommend 2 scopes, for 2 different jobs on 2 different rifles. Plus using one scope on multiple rifles is a pita.
    Everything from 5 yards up to infinity in Manitoba's Interlake. Even a 4x at 10 yards can be difficult...

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    Thanks for the tips, guys. I have some experience taking gophers out around 250 yards using an older 6-24 scope. I Feel I am capable of a 500 yard shot on a deer size target, thus the high magnification. Perhaps my vision of how deer hunting goes is not accurate ?. Depends on what territory the hunt is in I guess.
    If I like the scope I would probably get a duplicate for the deer rifle. Swapping scopes is indeed a chore.

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