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    Good higher-quality scope

    Hello, first post here.
    I have just gotten back into shooting after a few years off. I see there are a lot of new scopes available and am thinking of upgrading to something better for my long range gopher gun. Specifically, I read some good things about Vortex glass. I am looking to spend about $800-1000 for something with fairly high magnification (eg 6-24). Can someone recommend a model they have used ? I notice the high end scopes have huge adj with no covers. Looks cool I guess but likely to catch on things when handling the rifle ?.

    I am used to a flat-shooting varmint bullet, So don't need a bunch of elevation adjustment, But I am also thinking of getting into deer hunting this year with some new friends and would likely get a different rifle for that job, It would be nice to be able to use the scope for that.

    I did read the "budget glass" thread, But I am looking for something a bit more. Thanks in advance.

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    I second that for vortex, I have a 4x12 on one of my rifles and I love it.
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    Sightron SIII over Vortex...but that's just personal opinion. Vortex still has their excellent warranty, yes?

    One other thing...I'm not sure you need a 6-24 for deer hunting? That seems a little big? But again, that's me, hunting in the woods of BC.

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    ^^ Personally I find anything more than 4x awkward when the deer hunting gets up close and personal.... Latest scope for deer and moose is a 2-7x, which I find pretty good for (targets at least) 400 yards. Very happy with my Vortex binocs though, the only piece of their glass I own so far....

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    I don't own a Sightron but the guys that do seem to be very happy with them. I have to agree that a 6-24 would be overkill for deer hunting unless your into long range deer shooting, 500 yards +. I have a couple of Leupolds i'm happy with, but they weren't in that price range and the Vortex i have aren't either but they work for me on my varmint rifles.

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    I have a Vortex 4-16 on my long range rifle. Very happy with the scope but I find 16x lacking at 1000m. I'll probably keep the scope for a mid range gun or long range gopher hunter. My 17hmr has a budget 3-18 that I find the glass good but it usually stays dialed down to the 3-6 range on gophers.

    As for your concern on exposed turrets, I like them. I like to dial my dope vs holding over. It's a learning curve for sure. I grew up holding over. My only issue with a turret getting snagged was at the poker shoot last year when I snagged the windage pulling the rifle from the boot and wasted 5 shots figuring it out. I don't hunt so can't comment on that but I hear a covered cap removes an excuse of a missed deer.

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    I recommend you look through a Zeiss Rapid-Z before deciding on a duplex reticle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    ^^ Personally I find anything more than 4x awkward when the deer hunting gets up close and personal.... Latest scope for deer and moose is a 2-7x, which I find pretty good for (targets at least) 400 yards.
    My thoughts as well, for NS deer at least. I'm going to be using(hopefully, purchase not yet made) a 2-8x nikon monarch 3 after I used a 2-7x vortex diamondback last year.

    I recommend 2 scopes, for 2 different jobs on 2 different rifles. Plus using one scope on multiple rifles is a pita.
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    I have a Bushnell elite 6500 that's about 8 years old I use for silhouette and I like it a lot. I haven't compared it lately to any newer models but I would think it's worth a look.
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