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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada_Phil View Post
    Serious Question?....

    Motor vehicles kill tens of thousands of people! FACT.

    The MAXIMUM speed limit across most of Canada and the US is 100km or 60mph.

    So, to make a correlation with the "Wendy" type of argument, why are Car Manufacturers allowed to produce vehicles for public roadways that can hit speeds approaching 300 kph!?? without "restrictions"? Why isn't Wendy campaigning to BAN cars?... Or at the very least force legislation to have all vehicles pinned, oooops "governed" to only be able to hit 100 kph??

    And why the F. does it seem like she celebrates the "anniversary" of whatever it was?... Its been a freaking QUARTER CENTURY for God's sake!... Im sick of having that date continually rammed down my F'nnng throat!

    Ok... Rant over.
    Everybody loves fast sexy cars. Few people own guns, and too many feel that they are a needless killing machine. We're a small minority , about to lose our privilege.

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    Speaking of anti Car and Anti gun the CAW Union wants to take out guns... I say we as Gun owner reduce their jobs!
    NFA Member... "If my rifles ever killed someone, I would never forgive them."

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