We are pleased to introduce another brand new product to the Canadian firearms community. HIPERFIRE AR10/AR15 Tactical and Competition Triggers brings a new level of performance to the game. The HIPERTOUCH family of Fire Control Group all feature a patented toggle spring mechanism that delivers a smooth consistent trigger pull and user adjustable weight without sacrificing reliable primer strike. Also since the trigger weight is adjusted using user replaceable springs instead of "tuning" the triggers do not go out of tune over time.

We are carrying three different versions of the HIPERTOUCH Triggers:

• Robust Single Stage, Semi-Auto
• 1/2 the MIL-spec Creep, Feels Like A "Hint"
• User-Set Weights: Light, Med-Light, Medium
• Pre-Travel is Halved,*Faster Reset
• From Reset, Pre-Travel Shortened Again

• Robust Single Stage, Semi-Auto
• At The Wall Break, Virtually Zero Creep Feel
• 3-Gun, Accuracy at Any Speed
• User-Set Weights: Light, Med-Light, Medium
• 24C-Lke Trigger Stroke/Break/Reset
• Curved Trigger Bow
• Controllable Repeat Fire, Positive Reset

• All of the benefits of the 3GUN Model Plus:
• Straight Trigger Bow
• Use with*or without the Proprietary HIPERSHOE™
• HIPERSHOE® Increases Finger Pad Contact Area for Added Responsiveness
• HIPERSHOE® Adjusts to 5 Different Detent Positions on Trigger Bow
• Adjustable to 15 Distinct Trigger Weights**(3-Springs X 5-Positions)
• Adjust HIPERSHOE® For Trigger Finger Comfort, Fine-Tuning of Creep, and Weight

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