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    The Great Mossberg Shotgun Thread

    Since there has been some interest recently about these guns, I figured we can consolidate all the info into one thread.

    Some trivia on the Mossberg 500 series courtesy of my TekMat (purchased from North Trail Sports). Hopefully it's readable,

    Maverick 88 vs. Mossberg 500 series For Dummies:

    - The Mossberg 500 series includes the 500, 505, 535 , 590 and shares the same design as the 835.

    - The Maverick 88 is the "budget" version of the 500 series.

    - Both guns are manufactured by Mossberg.

    - Both guns are nearly identical except for the safety and action slide tube assembly.

    - The Maverick 88 has a cross bolt safety

    - The 500 series have a tang safety

    - Any new 2005-current Mossberg 500's with synthetic furniture have the action bars molded into the fore end, same as the Maverick. Only wood stocked versions and the 590 have the separate action tube from 05- current. A

    - The Maverick 88's action slide tube assembly and fore end are all one piece. The plastic grip is molded around the action slide tube assembly same as the 05 - current 500's. However, they've always been made this way.

    - The pre-2005 500 series feature a separate action slide tube assembly and fore end. The fore end is removable.

    - With the exception of the safety and trigger groups, all parts are interchangeable with both guns.

    - The difference in the trigger groups is due to the cross bolt vs. tang safeties.

    - In order to install aftermarket fore ends on the Maverick 88, you will need to swap out the action slide tube assembly for one from a 500 series. These parts are readily available, and cost somewhere around $30. Once that swap is complete, the Maverick will accept any Mossberg 500 series furniture, both factory wood and synthetic as well as aftermarket products such as Magpul and Blackhawk! brands.

    Now for the visual part of the lesson.

    My 590A1 with Magpul furniture (top) and my Maverick 88 in factory configuration. Note the Maverick has the 18.5" defender barrel installed, and the 28" sporting barrel is on the table in front of it. Both barrels came as part of the package. It takes less than 20 seconds to swap barrels.

    By swapping the action slide tube assemblies, I have now played Barbie accessorize with the guns. Magpul on the Maverick, factory furniture on the 590A1.

    Action slide tube assemblies. 590A1 at the top. Note the threaded slide tube, castle nut, Magpul spacer and fore end. Maverick 88 slide tube assembly on the bottom. Note how the fore end is molded around the action slide tube and action bars.

    Slide tube assemblies only. Maverick on the left, 590A1 on the right.

    Trigger groups. Maverick on the left, 590A1 on the right. Note the little hook/prong piece on the 590A1 group. That is part of the tang safety system.

    Both guns are extremely reliable and I have no hesitation recommending either to someone looking to purchase a new shotgun. However, when it comes down to "bang for your buck", the Maverick is unbeatable in my opinion. Retail pricing starts around $250 for the Maverick while the 500 series start around $450 - $500.

    The Maverick 88 Story

    For a budget gun, the Maverick punches way above it's weight class in terms of reliability. I've been on a multi-year mission to push mine to it's limits and see what it can take.

    - Current round count is somewhere above `0,000. That's a mix of 2 3/4", 3" and 3" magnum shells including birdshot, buckshot and slugs.

    - I have cleaned the gun 3.5 times. The first 3 times were when I cleaned it roughly every 1000 rounds before going on my torture test mission. It has been 5000+ rounds without a cleaning. The half clean was simply a rinse and wipe down of the exterior to remove mud and grime after a swamp test.

    - I've fired it under a few feet of snow

    - I've fired it with the action and barrel jammed with mud and debris

    - I've fired it after dunking it in AB muskeg (hence the rinse treatment)

    - I've tossed it out of a moving truck a few times

    - I've fired it in temperatures from +35 down to -35

    - I've fired it in freezing rain

    - I've frozen the action shut and fired it

    - I've drop kicked it down a mountainside

    - In one test I loaded, fired, loaded and repeated so quickly and with so many rounds that the barrel began to change color from the heat. I believe the count was 200 ish shells with about 10 minutes give or take (didn't have a timer running) of constant firing and reloading

    - It's been rudely exposed to dust, dirt, grime, mud, ice, snow, water (salt and fresh), swamps, you name it.

    - I've probably abused it in ways I don't even remember.

    The gun still looks very good, almost too good. I should put some more scratches in the receiver. LOL.

    The only pieces I've replaced have been the mag spring and follower, which are honestly the two weakest pieces in any firearm as far as I'm concerned. That right there is also a testament to Mossberg's customer service. When I mentioned to them the abuse I'd given the gun, they shipped me the mag spring and follower for free. I installed the spring and kept the follower in reserve after upgrading to a S&J Hardware No-Jam follower.

    The only other replacement to it will be the butt stock, as I plan to put a Magpul SGA stock on. This is simply to improve the ergonomics as I have a short L.O.P.

    Plinking, camping, hunting, war or a zombie apocalypse. If I had to take one gun, my Maverick 88 would be it. This gun has reached legendary status amongst my shooting friends with 1 or 2 nicknaming it the Ak-88, a tribute to it's reliability compared to the Ak-47.

    Hopefully this post hasn't been too long winded and has been informative. Feel free to ask any questions or post up any other Mossberg shotgun information.
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