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    I was out on the weekend shooting my 535 and was having problems with it so if anyone has some ideas what the problems might be let me know... This is the first time shooting the gun so it was kind of frustrating

    1. I was getting a lot of FTF with the gun, the pin was hitting but looked to be light. Seemed like about 50% were FTF, when I loaded the round in again for another try sometimes it would then fire. Thinking maybe spring?

    2. Sometimes when we would load the second round the 3rd round would eject out the bottom of the gun onto the ground. Happened I think 3 or 4 times.

    When the gun was working I loved how it felt

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    De-grease and oil the gun...then run it. (Likely grease slowing the firing pin causing light strikes) Also understand the aspect of short-stroking a pump gun and then, well, don't do that.
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    Thanks for the help, I will try your suggestion. I know that I wasn't short stroking it but maybe my friend was since the only time the shell fell out the bottom was when he was using it.

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