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    ^^ I could do it here, but ten yards gets boring pretty quick. Should have about a half mile of free space by the end of the summer if all works out though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo9mm View Post
    Lol i just use a big box stuffed with old blankets and rags. No way im payin $100+ for a sack with the same sh!t in it
    I'd like to be able to shoot target tips, broadheads, mechanical broadheads and wooden recurve arrows. A box with blankets and rags wouldn't work. A Block target isn't a $100 box of blankets and rags either.

    I used a burlap sack stuffed with plastic bags when I first started. It worked for target tips, kinda. But it wore out real quick. I dropped $45 on a commercial bag target that currently has probably a thousand arrows through it and it's just starting to look ragged. Can't shoot broadheads at it though. I had also spent $75 on a Block 4x4 target which was the cat's ass for all purpose use but I ended up selling it because I didn't wanna drag it with me when I moved to AB. Another smaller Block is on my list now as I get back into shooting my bow.
    I'd rather make a difference than a dollar.

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    Hadn't shot in a couple years... some jackass in my area is letting his lab run loose and it abuses my boxer that is - as the law requires - tied.

    After two bunny busters up its ass at 50 feet it hasn't been back. Good news is the skills didn't perish.

    If it does come back, word has been dropped in the neighbourhood the next arrow nocked is a broadhead. Bow and broadheads are at the door waiting

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    The new string came in but now ive noticed a bit of limb twist in the lower limb. Next step is to determine the cause. I use a bow stringer so that wont be the major cause. Its been unstrung all winter and broken down so.... The other factors are going to be one side of the limb is weaker or its just a natural occurance. since the bow is 3 years old. Mind you the solution is simple enough. Depending on the type of wood of the bow.

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