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    Is it possible to achieve non restricted firearm license without of positive spousal consent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire1 View Post
    I haven't come across a list of these, so if ti is a duplicate, I apologize, and mods, feel free to delete.

    Storage, Transport and Display regulations

    Forms for PAL/RPAL applications, renewals, registrations and transfers

    List of all CFO offices

    Check your PAL application/renewal status online

    Non restricted booklet pdf credit to hillbillyr for the link
    Restricted booklet pdf credit to hillbillyr for the link

    Practice tests for both PAL and RPAL
    another source for tests credit to bccanadian for the link

    Importing firearms to Canada

    Anyone else have any? as I said, I probably missed the thread showing these, if I did, I apologize. If I didn't, then there ya go.
    Even if you miss one, these are enough. Thanks for sharing!

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    Hey everyone.
    I am trying to fax more documentation to the CFP but the fax number keeps failing/busy/some problem on receiving end.
    Does anyone know of another fax number I can send documents to? I've also emailed them with the documents at, but nobody is replying to me.

    Edit: Never mind. I just got a reply back after 3 days. Lol.
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    8 a good laugh

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    For those renewing this weekend:

    Individual Web Services

    Public web notice

    Users will not be able to make online credit card payments when renewing their firearm licence on Tuesday, August 3, between the hours of 4am to 8am EDT due to maintenance. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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