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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamphunter View Post
    Am in the thinkin stage of buying a semi to pimp up a bit. I would like advice from those here who have much more experience than I do. Ruger 10/22 seems an obvious choice, but are fairly expensive. 597's look good, but have read mixed reviews. Local shop has a rock island armory 10/22 clone for $250, but I can't find much info about them.
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    If you want to put an aftermarket stock on one, why not buy an RIA barrelled action for $130 (plus GST) from Extreme Gun Shooting Center? Shipping is a flat rate $20. I bought three. I put one in an RIA stock disgarded by someone putting an after market stock his, two went to a friend for his sons, one got a Ruger take off stock (needed a bit of dremel work) and one got an after market stock.

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