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Thread: Scorpion Optics

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    I have one on the su16, no complaints.

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    I think it prudent to stay away from products whose biggest selling feature is how many people have had great experience with their warranty......

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    I would really really like to see someone do a box test or two. Turret tracking is super important to me.

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    I have 3 of these scopes. One a Red Hot Varminter on my 223 bolt rifle, a Venom H-Grade on my 30-06, and a just put a high grade on my new 260 Rem.

    I have a few rough handling marks on my 3006 scope (drops and one gouge on tube/bell area) and the scope has never lost zero. I have adjusted the turret for long range shots (850 yards) at the range and returned it to original 100 yard zero and it was bang on.

    I have never had to use the warranty and I am not sure I ever will. These are great scopes and are very clear and consistent. I can't justify 2,3 or 4 times the cost just to get "a better scope" that does the same thing these ones do. I only wish I could get the FFP for the reticle, or maybe I just bought the wrong one.

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    We sell Scorpion Optics here and I have used them a lot. I will say their glass is good but not as good as a Vortex. I have noticed that they have about 99% of the clarity of say my Vortex Viper. That being said, the Scorpion was about half of the cost of the Vortex.

    One thing that did buy me was the Field of View. The Scorpion scopes with 1" tubes have a way less FOV as any other scope with a 1" tube. Once you get to a Scorpion 30mm tube, then the FOV is the same.

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