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    Quote Originally Posted by shootemup604 View Post
    I'll wait for the backpack version - I may need more than 30 seconds of flame...
    Make your own, it wouldn't be that hard. You just need a CamelBack filled with gasoline with the tube going into the top of the flamethrower's can.

    You'd have a flamethrower with a backpack full of fire accelerant, what could go wrong?

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    flamethrower quotes from hxxps://

    Even a reproduction one shouldn't be fired. Think about it, you have gallons of pressurized highly flammable liquid strapped to your back, and a heat source on the nozzle to light it when it's released. They have a valve which prevents a flash back into the tanks from happening, but if that fails you, your friends and anything near you explodes and dies.
    An escharotomy is a surgical procedure used to treat full thickness (third-degree) circumferential burns. Since full thickness burns are characterized by tough, leathery eschar, an escharotomy is used primarily to combat compartment syndrome. Following a full thickness burn, as the underlying tissues are rehydrated, they become constricted due to the eschar's loss of elasticity, leading to impaired circulation distal to the wound.
    An escharotomy is performed by making an incision through the eschar to expose the fatty tissue below. Due to the residual pressure, the incision will often widen substantially.
    My best friend burnt me with a flamethrower once.
    Fortunately, I survived because it was friendly fire.
    I don't think anyone would win in a flamethrower duel.

    "I say, you have insulted my honour. Sir, I call you out."

    "A duel, sir. I accept. Choose your weapon. Shall it be pistols? Swords? The Dane axe?"

    "No sir I choose flamethrowers at fifteen paces."

    why would you doubt the professionals over at SuperSoaker
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    Anyone know where to buy these in Canada??

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    I guessing the company this thread is in?

    Since it’s not a firearm, import/delivery from US shouldn’t be too difficult either. The backpack one another company on this site sells is another option for you.

    So two in Canada options right from GOC!

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