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    I know the humvee was pretty capable but I always felt it was overdone, with no thought to operational economy or even fuel economy. Way too much $$$ for what you needed it to do.
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    How about one of those it's available to the public... Pffft! yeah right lol

    I'll do what I have to do and deal with the consequences of my actions later

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    If cash were no object....the Marauder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashpoint View Post

    Good news for us that they're offering Humvees to the public now. I definitely want in on the iconic vehicle, although sadly enough, I don't think I could ever afford one, not in a lifetime. They're amazingly capable vehicles, provided you don't load them up with 300-pound armoured doors and windows they were never intended to carry.

    Money is always the obstacle...
    You can get a body kit to go on a Jeep. More interior room, better economy and more nimble in narrow areas...

    And there are some body kits for older Chevys too. Get a 6.5TD for authenticity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    How many could a WWII jeep carry?

    A Humvee could drive up a short wall. Not that that was particularly useful for anything. But hey, a Humvee could drive up a short wall.
    Who needs to drive up a short wall when you can just drive through it?

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    US Army Humvees are for sale on GovPlanet dot Com every week. They've sold over 4000 already.
    Some as cheap as 3000USD (rough shape, need parts and work) up to $30,000 which are in very good shape, with a legal road title.

    I was looking to get one of the cheaper ones, but several factors stopped me.
    First one being these are for offroad use ONLY and the US will not give you a title for it. I asked at the MTO office and if America wont give me a title, Canada wont let me put it on the road.
    Next issue was "Q" demill military vehicles can only be sold to civilians from this site, so I would need a buddy to buy it for me.
    Decided to cancel. But it would be neat to have a real Humvee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHydrant View Post
    If cash were no object....the Marauder.

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    This would make a great bug out SUV.

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